Five mutilated dead bodies discovered as Dr Malik Baloch addresses Balochistan Assembly

Family of Baloch missig person found dead (Qalat)

BALOCHISTAN: At least five mutilated dead bodies of previously abducted Baloch were found from Khuzdar and Kalat areas of Balochistan on Sunday as the new chief minister of Balochistan, Dr Malik Baloch, in his first address to Balochistan Assembly said recovery missing persons was his top priority.

According Balochistan local newspapers two bodies of two persons were found in Khuzdar area of Balochistan. The Police sources confirmed that they received information on Sunday Morning that two dead bodies have been spotted at Karachi road and Sonyji areas of Khuzdar. 

The Police took the bodies in their control and shifted to the Divisional Headquarter Hospital where the victims where the identified as Rahim Dad, a resident of Nushki and Abdul Ghani a resident of Maraap region of Soraab Balochistan.

Meanwhile another three dead bodies have been found in Narmokh area of Kalat Balochistan. According to Levis sources the bodies were around 10-15 days old. At the Hospital the bodies were identified as that of Raja Khan, Anwar and Mehrab.

The Levis has handed over the corpses to their relatives after fulfilling official requirements.

Baloch activists from Balochistan and abroad are viewing the recovery of dead bodies of missing persons as a message to the government of Dr Malik Balochistan that he will also be as powerless as his predecessors.

Baloch social media activists are already demanding that Malik should step down because he will never be able to fulfil the false promises that he’s making in his statements to media and the during his first address to the Balochistan Assembly.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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