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COMMENT : A futile rearguard action — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

This ineffectual and futile rearguard action of putting up an apparently liberal and secular face in Balochistan is aimed at mollifying liberals and deceiving the Baloch people in general 

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurThe liberal circles in general, and pseudo-nationalists of Balochistan in particular, are ecstatic, too precipitously I’d say, over Nawaz Sharif’s decision to put Dr Abdul Malik in the saddle in Balochistan. The accolades and felicitations would have one believe that Mr Sharif’s ‘gift’ is a panacea for and a salve to all the injustices and atrocities perpetrated against the Baloch people and Balochistan for the last 65 years. Incidentally, this best choice of the establishment just is not good enough to help it stem the rising tide of demands for freedom.

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June 11: Shaheed Abdul Hameed Baloch


Shaheed Hameed Baloch last will

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