NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan is not a Good idea, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

Dr-Allah Nazar BalochBALOCHISTAN: Baloch Guerrilla Leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch in his Exclusive Interview said Pakistani state policy regarding the Baloch will remain unchanged.

Baloch people have rejected the Pakistani elections, The Baloch population rejection of the Pakistani election should be considered a referendum in favour of independence, Dr Malik doesn’t have a clear vision regarding Baloch issue, He is turning a blind eye towards Baloch demands of independence, There is no difference between Malik, Aslam Raisani and Zulfiqar Magsi.

پارلیمنٹ کا حصہ بننے والے بلوچ قوم کے حقیقی نمائندے نہیں،
ڈاکٹر اللہ نذربلوچ

Dr. Allah Nazar further said, Our struggle is controlled by common Baloch throw organisations, No Tribal chief has a say in our affairs, all Tribal chiefs are puppets of Pakistan Army except Khair Baksh Marri.

Its a National freedom Movement in Balochistan, Baloch Genocide is happening, UN should deal it as a war by Baloch nation against foreign occupation, UNO’s previous delegation to investigate human rights abuse was a positive step, we offer protection for any international observer who wants to visit Balochistan, UN intervention will be accepted.

Baloch Guerrila Leader Dr. Allah Nazar more said, every regional change will effect the Baloch, total USA withdrawal from Afghanistan will worsen the situation in this region, USA should not make the same mistake of withdrawing from Afghanistan as Soviet Union did.

We are not getting any support or fund from any country. If any country had helped situation would have been different.

The countries supporting Pakistan they should stop funding Pakistan and start supporting us because Pakistan has turned itself into a terrorist nest, interference of China and Iran will be resisted. If Baloch national interests are bypassed, the whole world will whirl into a disaster.

No common Punjabi was ever killed in Balochistan, many of them are in different parts of Balochistan, We have no problem with them only those were killed who were collaborated with the Pakistan Army, The Holy Quran was burned by Pakistani Army in Balochistan during the recent operation, why did no religious leader protest against this? Our struggle is aligned with Religious, Humanitarian and Nationalist beliefs.

The civilized world has taken notice of the Baloch genocide and they would one day take action, Baloch people are happily contributing with their lives and wealth in this struggle for freedom.

All talks of dialogue with Baloch freedom seekers are delay tactics to spread confusion among Baloch Nation; we will construct a judicial system where common people will get justice on bases of equality in a Free Balochistan.

[Balochistan Point]
[Daily Azadi Quetta]

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One response to “NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan is not a Good idea, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

  1. Dr. Allah Nizar’s recent deliberations regarding withdrawal of NATO forces
    from Afghanistan and its’ most disastrous repercussion upon the peace &
    stability of the entire region, is undoubtedly , based on his deep study of
    the political, economic and social situation of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India and most challenging countries like Russia and China; who are competing in the region and thus would have their direct confrontation
    with rising small states like Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen
    and Saudi Arabia. The entire Middle Eastern and South Asian Countries’
    very existence would be jeopardized and perhaps they would be thrown as booties to a few Big interesting & competing countries; thus they would be
    erased from the New Global ATLAS and millions of their subjects would
    face total annihilation from their own socalled protected areas. Would it not be a Catastrophic end to the entire World?
    Dr. Allah Nizar assumptions must thoroughly be discussed and given
    proper attention, prior to its’ most disastrous consequences, which might
    endanger millions of Souls and the existence of entire World.
    As such a peaceful solution must be sought to all existing problems
    facing various people & countries; and the use of Force must Cease and
    peace & security must establish. Balochjk

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