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NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan is not a Good idea, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

Dr-Allah Nazar BalochBALOCHISTAN: Baloch Guerrilla Leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch in his Exclusive Interview said Pakistani state policy regarding the Baloch will remain unchanged.

Baloch people have rejected the Pakistani elections, The Baloch population rejection of the Pakistani election should be considered a referendum in favour of independence, Dr Malik doesn’t have a clear vision regarding Baloch issue, He is turning a blind eye towards Baloch demands of independence, There is no difference between Malik, Aslam Raisani and Zulfiqar Magsi.

پارلیمنٹ کا حصہ بننے والے بلوچ قوم کے حقیقی نمائندے نہیں،
ڈاکٹر اللہ نذربلوچ

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The world including China should respect the collective decision of Baloch nation: Hyrbyair Marri

Mir Hyrbyair MarriLondon: Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri said on Saturday that no one will be allowed to exploit Baloch coastal resources, the international community including China should respect the collective decision of Baloch nation. “The world should not make any agreement with Pakistan without the consent of Baloch nation,” Mr Marri added.

Expressing his concerns and disappointment over Pakistan’s handing over of Gwadar port to China, the Baloch leader said the entire world is witnessing that Baloch are sacrificing enormously in their struggle for their survival and Pakistan is committing atrocities to deny the Baloch their basic right to liberty because of which whole of Balochistan has become war effected area.
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Martyr Haq Nawaz Bugti: A fallen hero

by: Mir Sarmachar Baloch


Thousands of Baloch youth sacrificed their life defending Balochistan and they made history. None of Martyr needs anything to be written about their struggle and sacrifices because they made history by giving their bloods for the noble cause. Today, I’m writing about Martyr Haq Nawaz Bugti. He was one of the youngest and intelligent Freedom Fighter (Sarmachar) in Baloch resistance movement.

Haq Nawaz Bugti was born in the house of well known family of Bugti tribe. He belongs to the ruling Rahejave clan in Bugti tribe. He was only 17 years old and the student of 8th class in Taaleem Foundation (TF) Grammar School Sui when he joined Baloch liberation movement.
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