Baloch people at home and abroad observed Black day and shutter down against Pakistani nukes

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BALOCHISTAN / London: The pro-freedom Baloch parties in Balochistan and abroad observed black day and organised protests against nuclear tests in Chagai district in Balochistan on May 28, 1998, and the ongoing military operations in different area of Balochistan.

The protests were organised on the 15th anniversary of Pakistan ‘Islamic Bomb’ which were tested on Baloch soil. While the Pakistanis were celebrating the day as ‘Youm-e-Takbeer’, the Baloch people observed it as ‘black day’ in Balochistan and abroad.

The Baloch National Voice, the Baloch Liberation Struggle, the Baloch Student Organisation – Azad and the Baloch National Movement had called for observing May 28 as black day and shutter down strike. The call was also backed by other pro-freedom Baloch parties who termed the 1998 nuclear explosions a disaster for the people of Balochistan.

A complete strike was observed in Kech, Gwadar, Panjgur, Awaran, Kharan, Hub and other Baloch dominated areas of Balochistan. Traffic remained off roads and roads presented a deserted look. All major markets and business centres remained closed during the day.

Meanwhile, the Baloch Community London organised a protest demonstration outside British Parliament against the nuclear blasts, ongoing military operation in different areas of Balochistan and the unabated killed and dump of Baloch activists by Pakistani security forces.

The Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri also joined the protest to express his hatred against Pakistan’s lethal nuclear weapons and to show his support to those Baloch people whose houses have been destroyed by Pakistan army soon after the failed elections in Balochistan.

Talking to the press Mr Marri said 28 May 1998 was a black day for Baloch people and each year the Baloch protest on this day to express their dislike for nuclear weapons. He said Baloch people will continue to protest on this day and demand for the removal of the disastrous weapons of Pakistan.

He said once again the same party (PML-N) has come in power that tested the nuclear bombs on Baloch soil. “The pro-nuclear weapon parties are once again trying to push the Baloch nation towards slavery by participating in bogus elections of Pakistan,” Hyrbyair Marri said adding that the Baloch nation has rejected the Pakistani elections and given their mandate to Baloch movement for freedom [of Balochistan].

London based Baloch activist Nobat Marri told media persons that due to Pakistan’s nuclear blasts on Baloch soil the people in Chaghai and other surrounding areas are suffering from lethal diseases. He also said that agricultural lands have also been badly affected by blasts and water has become contaminated with poison.

He said the international community should pay attention to the Baloch plight because Pakistan is using different mediums to commit Baloch genocide.

A fair number of Baloch activists and other human rights campaigners participated in protest to show their solidarity with the Baloch people.

According a report by The Nation, “Much to the dismay of locals, health facilities in these districts of Balochistan are negligible and due to lack of attention by successive governments, the experts believe the rays, emitted as a result of the explosion, proved to be a catalyst for pushing many numbers of people to death.

Many research studies have been produced since. These claim many congenital diseases in children in Chagai district and adjacent areas, including mal-formation of limbs or their loss in the later segments of their age. Undoubtedly, the explosions provided nuclear deterrence to the nation and made its security impregnable yet the issues of the people, who had been suffering as a result of them, need attention on war-footing.”

Separately, the Baloch Social Media activists also run a successful campaign on twitter using hashtag #NoToPakistanNukes against Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and highlighted the affects of nuclear radiations on people in the region, specially children and elderly, after the blasts.

The Baloch Tweeples urged the international community to strip Pakistan off its nuclear weapons as they believed that the deadly weapon is in the hands of fanatics that are adamant to destroy world peace.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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