Two Baloch killed during Pakistani security forces attack in Pat feeder Balochistan


BALOCHISTAN: At least two Baloch have been killed during a Pakistani military offensive in Pat Feedar area of Sui on Monday (27 May 2013). The Baloch fighters claimed to have inflicted heavy casualty to Pakistani forces.

According to Balochistan media sources Pakistani forces and their local death squad launched a massive military offensive against innocent Baloch civilians in RD 238 and Pat feeder areas of Sui. Houses of poor Baloch villagers were attacked, looted and set on fire.

At least two Baloch civilians namely Pir Baksh Bugti and his brother Buddha Bugti were killed when the Pakistani security forces attacked their house in RD 238.

Meanwhile the Baloch Republican Army claimed to have killed at least two members of a local Aman Lashkar who collaborate with Pakistani forces in attacking the houses of pro-freedom Baloch activists.

The BRA claimed in its website that at least one of their commanders, Shahi Bugti, has also been killed during an exchange of fire between Pakistani forces and Baloch freedom fighters. “Our another two members, Shaheed Saddam Baloch and Shaheed Zaheer Baloch, were martyred by a death squad of occupying forces on May 25, 2013 in Punjgor,” the BRA said.

The BRA alleged that the attack on its members was planned and instigated by a pro-occupying state group National Party and executed by a local death squad called Musallah Difa.

In a separate statement the Baloch Republican Party spokesperson said that Pakistani forces burned down at least 40 houses of Baloch civilians in Pat Feedar area of Sui, Balochistan. The BRP further said that state atrocities are on the rise different areas of Balochistan.

BRP appealed the international community to take notice of ongoing military operations and human rights violations against Baloch people by Pakistani forces.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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