Pakistani army’s assault on Gomazi and Malant, set fire to several houses

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Pakistan intensifies attacks in Balochistan following failed elections exercise

BALOCHISTAN – May 24: Pakistani forces carried out a search operation in Gomazi and Malant, towns of Tump Tehsil; they burned several houses and abducted three Baloch civilians during the operation on Friday early morning.

According to locals, the Pakistan occupied forces punitive military operation was carried out in the early hour on Friday at 5:30 in Gomazi and Malant areas of Tump sub-district.

In the wake of this unwarranted military operation local reported that Saleh Baloch, son of Haji Rahmat Baloch was critically injured as result of indiscriminate firing by forces and two brothers, Master Suleman Sahebdad Baloch and Umber Sahebdad Baloch were also abducted by forces from Cheribazar of Gomazi town.

Sources also informed that seven houses were burned. So far the names reaching the media whose house were burned are Gulam Nabi Baloch, son of Haji Guharam Baloch, Abdul Baqi Baloch, son of Mussa Baloch and Ayub Baloch of Malant village. There house were burned to ashes after looting the jewels and valuables.

Town people also reported that many Holy Qurans burned with other household goods as the so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s army ignited their houses.

Pakistani occupied army has intensified its operations across Balochistan meting out a collective punishment against Baloch people after the failed elections exercise in Balochistan. Baloch refused to participate and termed it as an alien electioneering process on Baloch soil by the occupying Pakistani forces.

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  1. Pakistani f.c murdabad

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