Killing of Baloch activists is in reaction of successful election boycott: Baloch National Voice


Quetta: The Baloch National Voice in a statement on Monday said that the killing of pro-freedom activists Naseer Baloch, Shah Noor Baloch and Shah Zaib Baloch under the custody of occupying forces is in reaction of successful boycott of Pakistani election.

“The state [Pakistan] and its collaborators have lost their senses after the complete boycott of Pakistani elections in Balochistan. They realised that Baloch are united on their one point agenda of free Balochistan. They know that now the Baloch cannot be deceived any more that’s why they have intensified their brutalities and inhuman actions once again,” The BNV spokesperson said.

The pro-freedom Baloch organisation said that after the success of Punjabi league (PML-N) in Islamabad and in Balochistan, five dead body of Baloch youth were dumped in one day, which is not a surprise because Baloch does not expect any good and sympathy from them.

The BNV statement further read that, “These people [Pakistani parliamentarians] were claiming to stop the disappearance and extra-judicial killings in Balochistan but even before they settled down, the state has intensified killed and dump. It illustrates that the state barbarism will continue in Balochistan and these pro-Pakistan Baloch cannot do anything to stop the atrocities.”

The BNV has expressed grave concerns over what it describe as ‘the criminal silence’ of the UN and the international community on human rights violations and Baloch genocide by the state and its security agencies. The BNV alleged that such silence of the above mentioned international institutions was tantamount to their partnership with Pakistan in its crimes against humanity.

The BNV while addressing the international human rights organisations said, “There is still time to realise your moral responsibilities and paly your role to end the Baloch genocide and the illegal occupation of Balochistan.”

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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