Six Baloch abducted and a woman seriously injured during New Kahan operation

New Kahaan

New Kahaan

Quetta: The Pakistani forces have raided New Kahan in the early hours of Wednesday and abducted at least 6 Baloch from New Kahan in a Wednesday morning.

New Kahan, which has earned the name of Ghaza Strip Balochistan because of continuous raids, saw the wrath of Pakistani forces once again when 20 vehicles entered the area and started a house-to-house search.

The brutal search operation continued for 3 hours. Women and children were maltreated, which resulted in serious head injuries to a woman who is in critical condition. The forces also looted valuables of the residents during the operation.

The forces, which included personnel of notorious intelligence agencies and regular army aided with paramilitary, abducted six Baloch and took them to unspecified location. The abducted include Raaz Mohammad Marri, Lal Mohammad s/o Yaar Mohammad Marri, Shaden s/o Shadmaan Marri, Shadi Gul s/o Shadmaan Marri, Wali Khan s/o Murad Khan and Ghani Khan s/o Murad Khan.

Ghani Khan s/o Murad Khan is a special child who is mentally challenged and cannot speak and understand anything but the forces did not even spare him.

The locals of New Kahan said that all the abducted Baloch are labourers who work in the nearby vegetable Market.

The state brutalities against people of New Kahan stated soon after the Pakistani dictator came into power though a military coupe. Several residents of New Kahan are have already been abducted by the forces and their whereabouts and fate is still unknown.

It must be remembered that Pakistani forces have intensified their brutalities on Baloch as the elections are approaching. The raid on New Kahan is the continuity of same military raids.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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