The UNO should play its role in stopping human rights abuses being committed by Pakistan against the Baloch .Khalil Baloch

The Excellency

Secretary General UNO

Ban Ki-moon

New York, USA.                                                                                               03 May, 2013

The UNO should play its role in stopping human rights abuses being committed by Pakistan against the Baloch

khalil-baloch1It’s to bring to your attention that the Baloch people have time and again knocked the door of the United Nations to seek help to stop massive human rights abuses they suffer at the hands of Pakistani and Iranian states. However, with utmost regret, the esteemed world body has not taken any significant step so far to investigate these crimes against humanity being committed, especially by Pakistan.

Under its infamous “kill and dump operation”, Pakistan forces have kidnapped more than 5000 Baloch during the last five years and killed at least 700 of them, later dumping their bodies at desolated places. International human rights bodies, like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have confirmed these killings, however, only the United Nations has the mandate and authority to put pressure on Pakistan to stop its policy of Baloch genocide.

In September 2012, UN’s Working Group on Enforced Disappearances visited Pakistan. In its report released in November 2012, the group confirmed that “the practice of ‘delivering’ dead bodies has allegedly accelerated in the years 2011 and 2012”. More recently, after the Baloch leadership announced to boycott the general elections, Pakistan’s secret services have intensified the kill-and-dump spree to the point that four to five bodies are delivered by Pakistan’s secret services on a daily average.  Only in last two month 39 mutilated bodies of Baloch activists were dumped in Karachi.

Apart from its “kill and dump policy”, the Pakistan military has been conducting an undeclared, covert operation in different parts of Balochistan since 2005. In these operations, entire villages and towns are reduced into ashes and their livestock robbed ostensibly to punish a particular nationalist leader.

The Pakistan security forces are waging a “secret dirty war”, as a Western journalist has put it, to eliminate the indigenous Baloch population. In their brutal efforts to suppress the Baloch voice for an independent homeland, Pakistan security forces treatBaloch civilians as combatants, which is a clear violation of Article No.3 of the Geneva War Convention.

Recently, Home Secretary of Pakistan has announced that they have deployed 66500 army soldiers to Baluchistan. But un-official sources approximated the number to 250000. The day after the deployment of forces in Balochistan a “Search and Destroy” operation began. Houses are being raided with the help of local Pakistani backed militants like Mussallah Dhafai Tanzeem (Baloch Defence Army) Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Aman (Armed Defence Organization) and Sipah-e-Shuhda-e-Balochochistan (Army of Martyrs of Balochistan). More than 1000 political activists have been whisked away to unknown places just in three days. Since then nothing is known about their whereabouts. 

People are compelled to migrate due to intense fear of the security forces. Thousands people have been displace so far. Only yesterday 6000 People in district Awaran migrated to Karachi.

Further, the point of deep concern among Baloch masses is that goons Shafiq Mengal, the head of Mussallah Dhafa, and son of Imam Bheel the notorious drug king pinare being brought to represent the masses through the agencies orchestrated elections. However, it is a known fact that Shafiq Mengal is a religious terrorist who has close connections with Jama’atUdDawa (JUD) a religious militant groups sponsored by Pakistan security agencies. This so-called democratic elections in Balochistan is not only a threat to secular Baloch masses but also should been seen as an abuse of democratic norms by the democratic world.

Under the United Nations Charter, the Baloch have a right to seek their right to self-determination. If Pakistan military resorts to mass killings in order to suppress this demand, we expect that the UNO will play its role in providing the Baloch with justice.

Yours truly

Khalil Baloch

Chairman, Baloch National Movement (BNM)



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