John Solecki and UN should play their role for release of Zakir Majeed Baloch: Family

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Karachi: The family of Baloch student leader, Zakir Majeed Baloch, protested in front of Karachi Press Club, on Monday, for his recovery. Along with the family of Zakir Majeed, many other Baloch women, men and children participated in the protest. The protestors were holding banners and placards, which bore slogans condemning the human rights violations and continuous abduction of Baloch people.

Sister of Zakir Majeed, while addressing, the protesters said that her brother was abducted on 8th June 2009 along with two of his friends. His friends were later released but her brother continues to remain missing. Zakir Majeed was a Baloch political activist and he was abducted because of the same reason, she added.

The sister of Zakir, Farzana Majeed said, “Our family has been on continuous hunger strike and our camps were held in Islamabad, Karachi and Quetta. We also carried out many rallies and protests. The family also filed a petition in Supreme Court and appeared before the court for many times.

“The court even took sou moto action on this case and ordered the security forces to produce Zakir Majeed within seven days because there were many eye witnesses of the abduction. But our brother continues to remain under the illegal custody of Pakistani forces.”

Farzana added that her family is in despair and in a state of anxiety due to the uncertainty about Zakir Majeed’s whereabouts and fate. Zakir’s mother’s health condition is deteriorating with each coming day but even than she continues to be in the hunger strike camps held in Karachi, Islamabad and Quetta.

“The forces cannot even stand the peaceful protests and demonstrations and they continuously harass and threat us. They threaten to kill Zakir Majeed and his family members because of which we are living the life under terror and uncertainty,” she said.

She urged that her brother be produced before a court of law if he has committed any crime. There is no point in keeping him under illegal custody and torturing him inhumanely.

She said that the American congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, even sent a letter to American foreign minister, Hillary Clinton, for information about Zakir Majeed but that letter also seems to be put in the cold storage.
Zakir Majeed was also one of the members of the committee, which worked for the safe release of UN worker, John Solecki.

The family requested John Solecki and his family to play their role in the safe recovery of Zakir Majeed as he did for them. Zakir’s sister further said, “It must be remembered that all the members of the said committee were killed and dumped that’s why we have great concerns for the safety of Zakir Majeed.”

The family of Baloch student said that the silence of human rights organisations, UN and other international organisations is criminal.

“We appeal Human rights organisations and UN to immediately take notice of this case. These organisations should play their due role in the safe recovery of Zakir Majeed and thousands of other Baloch who are currently being illegally detained by Pakistani security forces,” said the family and other protesters.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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