Military operation intensified as elections get closer: Several Baloch abducted from Pasni

Pakistani militaryQuetta: Pakistani military carried out a house to house operation in Ward number 6 in Pasni Balochistan on Saturday.

Sources reported that women and children were beaten up and harassed during the operation. Over 24 people have been arrested and taken to an unknown location.

The Pakistan security forces have broken the doors of houses and looted people of their cash, jewelleries and other precious household apparatus.

The abducted men have been named as Raza Kha, Arif Badami, Gulab Shambe, Khalid Baloch, Zubair, Anzo Shahdad, Yasin Rehmat, Hafeez Baloch, Jiand, Ameen, Siddique, Ali, Jhanzeb, Ameen, Salaam Mir, Musadaq Aslam, Gulab Baloch, Ghaffar, Bashir Mir, Bohair Baloch, Shehdad Baloch, Bilal Baloch, Abdul Rehman and others.

Meanwhile, the Baloch Human Rights Organisation has strongly condemn the military operation in Pasni and called for the immediate and safe release of abducted men. The BHRO leaders said that Pakistan was violating all international laws of Human Rights but unfortunately the UN and other International Rights bodies were playing role of a silent spectator.

The BHRO warned that the situation in Balochistan was getting worse by each coming day. “The International observers have refused to monitor elections in Balochistan, which encouraged the state to carry out atrocities and coerce people to become part of the election campaign,” an activist of BHRO told Balochwarna News.

He further said that Baloch people are totally stay away from election campaign but the state forces and it allied pro-establishment parties are forcing people to be part of something which they do not wish to be.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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