Pakistani death squad involved in killings of Baloch activists, disclosure of arrested agent Tariq Rodeni: BLF

Tariq-Rodeni-ISI-AgentQUETTA (NNI): The Spokesperson of Balochistan Liberation Front Gwharam Baloch said our freedom fighter’s have arrested Tariq Rodeni an agent of ISI and informer of Major Siraj,He made Sensational and important disclosures , Rehmat , Abdul Khaliq leaders of National Party and other Parliamentarians exposed, National Party and BNP Awami are invloved in Killings of Baloch freedom activists.

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Fighters of Balochistan Liberation Front have arrested Tariq Rodeni from Kharan he was lead on completion of a secrete mission of Major Siraj aka Saeed Mengal, He made ​​important disclosures during the investigation, ‘Shafiq Mengal’ alias ‘AbuMawiya’ member of Jamat ul Dawa trained by ISI in Kashmiris involved in killings of Baloch freedom activists.

The Baloch Liberation Army claimed responsibilty of hand grenade attack on house of election candidate JUI Member & Killing of an ISI agent in Kalat, Jeehand Baloch the Spkesperson of Baloch Liberation Army talking to Media from an unspecified place claimed that

our Freedom fighters have attack with a hand grenade bomb on house of Election candidate of JUI Member in Kalat while we attacked with rockets on Frontier core camp in Nushki and yesterday we killed an agent of ISI in Kalat who was in the demented shape. Our Struggle will continue until Freedom of Balochistan, said Jeehand Baloch.

Baloch Republican Army accepted the reposnibility of attack on house of National Party candidate in Panjgoor & blowing up of a 24 inch daimeter Gas pipe line, The Spokesperson of Baloch Republican Army Sarbaaz Baloch talking to Media said that we have attacked with a hand grenade and Automatic weapons on house of Haji Aslam the Provcinal candidate of Nation Party in Panjgoor when he was busy in Election campaign, Sarbaaz also claimed that we have blown up a 24 inch daimeter Gas pipe line in Bakshapul area of Khandkhot Balochistan.


[Courtesy: Sangar Publications]

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