Armed clashes in Iranian occupied Baluchistan, five including a police officer killed

Zahidan_protestBalochistan (Zahidan): Armed clashes occurred between Iranian security forces and armed Baloch rebels near the Imam Ali hospital in Chahbar of Iranian occupied Balochistan on Tuesday.

Sources reported that an Iranian security official was killed and another injured in a battle against armed Baloch insurgents. Four Baloch were also reportedly martyred when they retaliated and resisted against the ‘what is described’ as occupying forces.

The deputy police chief of Sistan and Baluchistan said, “As soon as the presence of the police officers in the area was noticed. The residents of a home started firing to the officials and the deputy commander of the act that led the operations team immediately took over.”

According to the deputy police chief, four of the insurgents involved in the clashes were killed and several others were arrested. ‘Mohammad Shahbazi’ of the Chahbar police was killed when a bullet hit him in the Chest while another official has been wounded, he added.

According local sources the clashes that started around 10am in the morning lasted for several hours. Eyewitnesses said the Iranian police indiscriminately used automatic weapons and hurled grenades on several houses which they had surrounded.

Facebook users from the region reported that at least two Baloch women were also killed because of the Iranian forces firing. However, the report about women being killed could not be verified by any other sources so far.

In recent months the Iranian regime has stepped up its atrocities against Baloch people in different regions of western part of Baluchistan.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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