B L A claims responsibility for attacks on Pakistani security forces and election candidates

12 Pakistani soldiers including high ranking officer killed in Kahan – Dera Bugti bordering area.Two Baloch freedom fighters have also been martyred in the battle against occupying forces. 

life-with-bla-04Occupied Balochistan: The convoy of BNP-Awami leader, Asadullah Baloch was attacked with a remote controlled roadside IED in Panjgor on Monday.

The former provincial minister was travelling back to his home when he came under attack, which partially destroyed three vehicles of his convoy but he and all others escaped the attack unhurt.

A spokesman for BLA, Jiand Baloch, claimed responsibility for the attack on central secretary general of Balochistan National Party – Awami. Talking to journalists on Monday via a satellite phone, Mr. Baloch said that anyone who participates in Pakistani bogus elections in the name of Baloch would be targeted.

Baloch Liberation Army also accepted responsibility for many other attacks. Azad Baloch, another spokesman of BLA, said that the Baloch forces attacked Pakistani forces in the bordering area of Dera Bugti and Kahan when the later were carrying out a military operation in the area.

He added that at least 12 Pakistani soldiers and officers were killed in the attack. The Pakistani forces air shelled the areas of Doi Wadh, Chappi Kach, Isporh, Pathal and surroundings, which harmed the civil population.

Azad Baloch said, “Two Baloch freedom fighters, namely Mohabat Khan and Brahim Khan also embraced martyrdom in the battle against occupying forces in Sohr Rod area near Kahan on Monday.”

In another incident, in Dalbandin, an inspector of Pakistani secret agencies was targeted and killed.

Separately, unknown men hurled a hand grenade at the NADRA offcie in Sibi. No casualties have been reported, howerver, the window panes of the office were reportedly broken and the office has been damaged.

Meerak Baloch, a spokesperson of BLA, claimed responsibility for the attack on NADRA office in Sibi. He warned the general public to stay away from Pakistani election campaign and refrain from going near the election candidates, polling station and office of election commission.

Meanwhile, unknown motorcyclists hurled a grenade at the house of Haji Islam, a candidate of National Party (NP) in Panjgur, Balochistan. No group have claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

Courtesy: Baloch warna

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