Military operations and arrests are continuation of many years of Pakistani barbarism: BNV

pakistan-military-convayOccupied Balochista: Baloch National voice termed the recent military operations in Mastung, Kohistan Marri, Dera Bugti and other parts of Balochistan as a tactic of Pakistani forces to quash the Baloch who are opposing Pakistani drama of elections.

The representative of BNV said that the murder of Ali Jan Baloch, raid on Nauroz Baloch’s house and abduction of five Baloch from Chappi Kach are of Kahan, Balochistan are the continuity of years of brutalities. 

He further said that Pakistani forces started a military operation in Chappi Kach area of Kahan and abducted five Baloch. The abductees include Mohammad Nawaz s/o Eido Marri, Abdul Wahid s/o Rasool Baksh Marri, Mohammad Umar s/o Haibat Khan Marri and two other, who were all taken to unknown locations.

He further said that the caretaker chief minister of Balochistan is leaving no stone unturned to exhibit his loyalty to his masters. The CM is requesting the Pakistani Army to crush the Baloch Freedom Fighters but he should realise that many people in his position failed to harm the Baloch Freedom Struggle. He has no ability and status to harm the struggle with his few days of tenure.

“The role of Pakistani parliamentarian parties in recent military operations can also be not ignored. These parties are continuously requesting the military to level the ground for upcoming elections, which is paramount to requesting for military operations against Baloch,” He said.

Addressing the journalists, the representative of BNV said, “If the journalists are really interested in getting the facts about Balochistan then they must visit the far flung war-struck areas of Balochistan. The Pakistani forces have broken the records of brutalities that shame humanity. The journalists should not limit their reporting to few pictures taken on the invitation of Pakistani Army. The journalists who know nothing about ground realities in Balochistan and yet pretend to be experts of Balochistan issue are black stains on journalism.”

courtesy: Baloch Warna 

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