Search operation in Punjgor, four abducted

Two more bodies of Baloch missing persons found

Taqseer Ibrahim Baloch 19-04-2013

Taqseer Ibrahim Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani forces have started a door-to-door search operation in Punjgur town. Many areas including the main bazaar, Garmkan, custom were besieged and attacked by the state forces. Houses, shops and schools were raided and looted of valuables. Pakistani forces surrounded the girls’ school and violently broke into the doors and windows. The armed personnel of the forces indiscriminately targeted the female teachers and students.

The uncivilized male personnel of the Pakistani forces harassed the women in the pretext of frisking and snatched their mobile phones, cash and jewelries from them. At least four Baloch people were abducted from their homes during the search operation including Master Asghar Baloch and Master Waheed Baloch. The family members of the abducted people including women and children were beaten up and tortured at the time of their abduction and their houses were looted of valuables.

A mutilated body of abducted Taqseer s/o Mohammad Ibrahim Baloch was found dumped in Mangopir area of Karachi on 19 April 2012. He was abducted from Gwader on 24 December 2013. Yesterday, a dead body of an abducted Baloch was found dumped in Dera Bugti. The dead body was later identified as Raja Bugti s/o Bangul Bugti who was abducted by the Pakistani armed forces on April 14, 2013 during a protest rally organized by Baloch Republican Party in tribute to the Murghap Martyrs.

The state forces also raided many houses of Baloch civilians in Mastung yesterday and abducted a number of innocent Baloch people. The abducted people were identified as Mohammad Azeem Baloch, Noroz Baloch and one other Baloch man.

Another Baloch namely Ghafoor Baloch was abducted by Pakistani forces from Kalatuk area of Kech.

The international community and human rights organizations should break their prolonged silence over the endless genocide of the Baloch people and play their due role to end the illegal occupation and loot and plunder of the natural resources of Balochistan by the armed forces of Pakistan.

Courtesy; Sunrise Balochistan

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