Protests against upcoming Pakistani elections in Balochistan, 19 reportedly arrested

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Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani security forces have reportedly arrested at least 19 protester during protest rallies in different areas of Balochistan on Sunday.

Sources reported large numbers of Baloch activists including women and children took to street in different cities of Balochistan yesterday. They were protesting against human rights violations in Balochistan and the upcoming Pakistani elections. The Baloch Republican Party had given the call for protest.

Protesters were carrying placards, banners, pictures of state victims including enforced-disappeared Baloch and those killed by Pakistani security forces. Participants chanted slogans against Pakistan illegal occupation and upcoming Pakistani general elections in Balochistan.

Sources form BRP alleged that Pakistani forces tried to sabotage their peaceful protests by blocking the ways of the rallies, abducting the activists before and during the rally and even opening direct fire and tear shells on the protests.

In press release the BRP said at least six of their activists were abducted from GPO square in Quetta. However, only two of them, Sabir Baloch and Aamir Baloch, have been named until the filing of this report. Three activists the party have reportedly been abducted from Naseerabad who were identified as Ahmad Baloch, Shah Nawaz and Lal Khan.

Ten political activists were reportedly abducted during the protest in Jaffarabad including Ameer Khan Baloch, Jallu Baloch and Chand Kumar Baloch while the identity of the rest could not be ascertained immediately.

According to the BRP’s press release at Pakistan forces open fire on a protest rally in Dera Bugti and injured several protesters including women and children. The BRP further alleged that many of their activists have been arrested from Dera Bugti.

Addressing the rally the leader of BRP and its student wing BRSO strongly condemned state atrocities, military operations, human rights abuses and upcoming elections in Balochistan. Speakers said that the solution to Balochistan problem is not the Pakistani elections but rather end to the illegal occupation and withdrawal of its forces from Balochistan. They said that elections were a tool to further enslave the Baloch nation and to continue the Baloch genocide.

The protesters said they were demonstrating their dislike for occupation and sending a message to the international community that the Baloch people had nothing to do with Pakistan and its elections. “The only viable solution to the Balochistan’s conflict is complete independence.” The rally participants condemned those Baloch nationalist parties who decided to take part in Pakistani elections.

The Participants appealed to the international community to acknowledge the fact that the elections of Pakistan are not the solution of Balochistan problem and to recognise Balochistan as an occupied territory & support the Baloch freedom movement.

Meanwhile, a spokesman of the Baloch Human Rights Organisation in press release arrest and forced-disappearing of the BRP & BRSO activists after a peaceful demonstration was against human rights continuation of state’s aggression in Balochistan.

The BHRO further said that the state institutions are curtailing the people’s ‘Right of freedom of expression’ through undeclared restrictions on peaceful protests, rallies and seminars.

The BHRO appealed the all human rights organisations and free born people to play their role against the human rights violations in Balochistan, so that the theme of ‘Human Rights for all’ is fully implemented.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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