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Say No to election: Your vote in Balochistan can elect only helpless Minsters

Your vote in Balochistan can elect only helpless Minsters

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April 10, 2013 · 11:46 pm

Balochistan: A road map for peace & self-determination

Six steps to halt the conflict, protect human rights & secure self-rule

PeterTatchell02“The national democratic movement of Balochistan is weakened by the lack of unity and coordination and by the lack of a peace plan to secure a negotiated political settlement to the six-decades-long conflict,” said London-based international human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

He is today reiterating the “road map for self-determination” that he outlined at the conference on the future of Balochistan, held earlier this year at the Royal Society in London and organised by UNPO, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation.

His UNPO speech can be viewed herehttp://vimeo.com/60679199

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Enforced disappearances: Seven, including five BRP activists, abducted

Enforced Disappearance Of Baloch activistsEnforced disappearances in Balochistan continue unabated as the Pakistani forces allegedly abducted another seven innocent Baloch people including five activists of Baloch Republican Party from different areas of Balochistan. An activist of Baloch Republican Party namely Abdul Mutlib Baloch s/o Iman Din Baloch was abducted by Pakistani forces from Punjgur on Sunday (April 07, 2013). He was travelling along with his family from Washuk to Punjgur when personnel of Pakistani forces and intelligence agencies stopped them at Punjgor custom. Family members of the BRP activist including women and children were harassed and beaten up before he was dragged to the forces vehicles and taken toward an undisclosed location.

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COMMENT: Dervishes and phonies — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

There certainly is a motive behind this obsession with being elected; there is a lot at stake in monetary gains and prestige

Mir Mohammad Ali TalpurThe caretaker prime minister (PM) Justice (retd) Hazar Khan Khoso reportedly was to undertake a trip to Balochistan for convincing the ‘disgruntled Baloch leaders’ to participate in the general elections. The caretakers, like their predecessors, are clutching at imaginary straws. This essentially vain effort reminds me of a Sheikh Saadi parable. A king concerned about the welfare of many dervishes (sages, ascetics) residing in his domain gave his vizier money for distribution among them. The vizier returned a few days later with the money unused and said he could not find any dervish. Annoyed, the king said that there were plenty. The vizier calmly explained, “O’ King, the real Dervishes wouldn’t touch the money and those who wanted it were phonies not dervishes so I didn’t give it to them.” Those opposing elections will not be meeting the PM and those already deeply involved and needing no convincing are falling over each other to meet him. The caretaker vizier’s Quetta trip to find dervishes will also be futile. Those who matter are not in Quetta while those talking are already bending over backwards to oblige and certainly those phonies are not the answer to Balochistan’s problems.

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