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The Karzai Government Does Not Treat the Afghan Baloch Nicely: Abdul Sattar Pordili

By: Bari Baloch

Abdul Sattar Pordili

Abdul Sattar Pordili

Senior journalist Bari Baloch, during his visit to Kabul last year, availed an opportunity to interview Abdul Sattar Pordili exclusively for The Baloch Hal. Excerpts.

The Baloch Hal: Could you please tell us about your life and educational background?

Abdul Sattar Pordili: I was born in 1948 in Nimruz province of Afghanistan in Kangay Ulas Wali and studied till class 9th in my village school. Then I went to Kabul for further studies and did my intermediate. Later, I took admission in faculty of science in Kabul University. After completing my qualification, I served as a government servant and later became President of Trade Union Afghanistan. Besides, I remained a member of Afghan Parliament for four years in Dr. Najeebullah’s government but when the Mujahideen took over Afghanistan, I went back to Nimruz. I became a member of the central committee of Afghanistan Democratic Party in 1968 and was also incarcerated for one year in Pulcharkhi Prison Kabul in 1978.

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