Two enforced disappeared persons killed and dumped and several others abducted

stop-political-killingsKarachi: The state security forces have killed and dumped at least two previously abducted Baloch activists, and abducted several others.

Ibrahim Baloch, a political activist was killed and dumped two day after his abduction, on 27 March 2013. Mr Ibrahim was a resident of Besima and his mutilated dead body was dumped in the Ferozabad area near Khuzdar, Balochistan.

Ibrahim Baloch was tortured and received bullet shots in head and chest. In continuity of ‘kill and dump policy’ on 26th of March 2013 mutilated dead body of Kareem Marri was found from Hub town of Balochistan. 

Body of another Baloch activist, Kareem Marri, was also found dumped in Karach. Sources reported that he was also subjected to brutal torture. One of his hands was broken and he was also given electricity shocks in captivity. 

He too was shot in the head and beard at least three bullet shot wounds. Kareem was a resident of Goth Ramzan Marri and he was abducted on 28 November 2012 from a crowded area in Sakuran region of Hub industrial area of Balochistan. 

According to sources he was arrested in presence of 10s of eye-witnesses in a busy public area. Although, he was unarmed, he strongly resisted against his arrest. The armed Pakistani thugs and their local agents brutally tortured him on the spot and arrested and dragged him to their car in injured condition. 

Pakistani forces have reportedly raided the New Kahan area of Quetta and abducted at least five Marri Baloch youth on 26 March 2013.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna


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