Implicating Baloch children in terrorism charges is against their human rights: BHRO

BHROKarachi: The Baloch Human Rights Organisation (BHRO) said on Wednesday that Pakistani state, in an effort to conceal its crimes against humanity, has arrest innocent Baloch children and accused them terrorism in Quetta.

According to BHRO detaining innocent children under-false charges of terrorism was an act of savagery. “The state forces want to conceal their atrocities in Balochistan that is why they are attacking civilian population. The arrest of 11 Baloch boys from Quetta was a pre-planned conspiracy of the state to cover up its crime in Balochistan,” said the BHRO.

According to the BHRO press release parading of the children on national TV was against their basis Human Rights. “The Baloch children were humiliated and psychologically tormented by the media parade. Such actions by state forces and media are a clear violation of the ‘UN Convention on the Rights of the Child’.”

The BHRO further said Pakistani forces have abducted six more Baloch from Aziyan bazar in Mand town of Balochistan. The victims were names as Javed, Imran, Haneef, Delawar, Mullah Kamalan and Muslim on 19 March, 2013. However, Javed, Imran and Haneef were released later on but the rest are still being illegally held.

“On the other hand the Iranian forces offensive and targeting of Baloch people continues. Zameer S/O of Jumma a resident of Hab town of Balochistan was killed and dumped in Mand area by Iranian forces,” BHRO said.

The Baloch Human Rights Organisation has urged the International Human Rights Organisations and Organisations working for the protection of Children’s right to take notice of the arrest of Baloch children who have been implicated in false cases.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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