Bodies of 2 more Baloch missing persons found in Karachi

Abdul Rahman_Zahid_Baloch

KARACHI: As missing persons’ issue remains a persistent problem for Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province, bodies of two more Baloch missing persons have been found in the metropolis, hundreds of kilometers from the volatile province.

The toll from bodies of missing persons of Balochistan dumped in Karachi now touches 11 as the bodies of Master Abdul Rehman and Zahid Hussain were found near Malir Link Road, Karachi on 10 March 2013. Names of both the deceased were included in the missing persons list .

Master Abdul Rehman Baloch was the president of Baloch Nation Movement (BNM) Panjgur chapter and Zahid Perveez Baloch was a student who was abducted from Raess Goth, Karachi on 28 January 2013.

Abdul Qadeer Baloch, the vice chairman of Voice of Baloch missing Persons (VBMP) who has been raising voice for Baloch missing persons, says Karachi is becoming graveyard for the missing persons.

He claims number of missing persons has soared to 2353, of which around 25 people were picked up from Karachi. Mr Baloch said the bodies found in Karachi were most of Baloch students.

There has been no respite from the disappearances despite marathon hearings into the issue by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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