Abdul Rehman Marri was abducted in 2009 by Pakistani ISI and FC officials, Fundamental Army statement pack of lies: Family

The “fundamental army’s” statement shows their connection with Pakistani army and Frontier Corps (FC).

ABD REHMAN MARRIOccupied Balochistan: Family of Mr Abdul Rehman Marri on Wednesday expressed their concern about his non-recovery.

The immediate family of Baloch teacher said, “Abdul Rehman Marri was offloaded from a Quetta city-Hazar Ganji passenger bus at an FC check post by Pakistani officials. The statement and allegations by the “Fundamental Army” that Abdul Rehman Marri is in their custody and that he is affiliated with the Baloch Liberation Army have made the family concern about his well-being.”

The family of Baloch teacher and social activist said such statements by show a clear connection between the Pakistan army, ISI and their hired criminal gangs.

The statement further read, “Abdul Rehman Marri’s case is currently being processed by the Supreme Court. We have appeared before the Supreme Court in person and on the orders of SC we have also lodged an FIR against the abduction of Mr Marri.”

Furthermore the family said Mr Abdul Rehman’s case has also been registered with the UN Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances (WGEID) and when the later visited Balochistan last year September they were once again reminded about the case of Marri.

The family statement read, “Abdul Rehman has no connection with any militant organisation. He has been working as a teacher and social activist in New Kahan Hazarganji, Quetta Balochistan.”

“The Fundamental Army’s claims that Abdul Rehman Marri is a commander of BLA are a pack of lies. He has never been involved in any unlawful activity. We have always maintained that if there is any proof against him being involved in activities that violated the law then he should be presented to a court of law,” The family statement read.

They said their relative has only been arrested for being a resident of New Kahan Quetta and a Marri Baloch, adding that fundamental army’s statement proves that they are actually Pakistani agencies the guise of a civilian name.

The relatives of Mr. Marri appealed the Supreme Court of Pakistan for his safe release. They also urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take action against the Fundamental Army – the civilian criminal squad of ISI, military and FC.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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