Pakistani forces are continuously abducting and killing Baloch activists: BHRO

BHRO Protest KarachiKarachi: Baloch Human Rights Organisation (BHRO) held a protest demonstration in front of Karachi Press Club, on Saturday, against abduction of five Baloch students from Karachi by Pakistani security agencies.

Protesters were carrying placard and banners, which condemned the state terrorism in Balochistan including abduction and extra-judicial killing of Baloch youth.

Demonstrators also chanted slogans against Baloch Genocide. They said Pakistan is continuously abducting Baloch from all over the Balochistan. State forces abducted and disappeared 5 Baloch youth from Karachi in February alone.

The protester said bullet-riddled body of Nabi Baksh s/o Ababagar, a resident of Pishukan in district Gwadar, Balochistan was discovered in Malir area of Karachi on 21, February 2013. Nabi Baksh was abducted about eight months ago from Pishukan by the Pakistani secret agencies.

On the same day Pakistani death squads attacked a house in Baseema, Balochistan. Abdul Ghani was killed during the attacked whereas his brother Pee Jan has been abducted and taken away.

Ijaz Baloch S/O Ghulam jan was abducted on 25 January 2013 from Dalmia whereas Ifthikhar, Zahid Baloch and Waseem including two aged Baloch were abducted from Raess Goth. Later both the aged men were released while others were taken to unknown locations and were never heard of again. Ijaz, Waseem and Zahid are relatives and residents of Panjgur. They were studying in Karachi.

A Spokesman of BHRO said due the enforced-disappearances the families of the disappeared Baloch are going through agony because hardly any abducted Baloch have ever came back alive as the state forces mostly kill abducted Baloch activists under-custody and dump their bullet-ridden bodies.

BHRO leader said that another Baloch student namely Manzoor Qalandarani has been abducted from Karachi on 9, February who is still missing. Manzoor is a student of Iqra University in Karachi and hails from Tootak area of Balochistan.

The Spokesman of BHRO said disappearances and dumping bodies of Baloch youth has become a routine of Pakistani forces and their death squads. Baloch youth are abducted from one corner of Balochistan and their tortured bodies appear in another corner.

Prior to these incident state forces also raided another House in Mand Balochistan and disappeared four Baloch youth and beat women and children.

The protesters further said Pakistani forces are abducting, torturing and killing Baloch with full impunity in broad daylight. Performance of human rights organisation including UN becomes a point of concern in Balochistan. It is the responsibility of international human rights organisations to take notice of worsening situation of Balochistan and play their role to end human rights violations.

BHRO appealed UN and other international human rights organizations to play their due role to end state terrorism in Balochistan.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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