Baloch Student Organisation and Baloch Salvation Front paid tributes to Haq Nawaz Baloch

Haq Nawaz BalochOccupied Balochistan: The Baloch Student Organisation – Azad and the Baloch Salvation Front (BSF) have paid rich tributes to young Baloch freedom fighter Haq Nawaz Baloch on Sunday.

The spokesman of BSO-Azad has said that the way Sarmachar Haq Nawaz Baloch bravely fought against the occupying forces and defended the motherland is a guiding torch for the whole nation.

Haq Nawaz Baloch was the former president of BSO-Azad Noshki zone and a very active member.

“He endured every pain in the way of struggle with patience and steadiness. He remained resolute and unwavering at every point of the struggle. The martyr comrade joined BSO-Azad at very young age with the intent to practically contribute in the Baloch struggle, and did everything possible to organise the Baloch students. He sacrificed his every desire and need before the national struggle of Baloch nation. He made a history at a very young age,” the spokesman of BSO-Azad said in tributes to Haq Nawaz Baloch.

The spokesman further said that to eradicate fear, greed and apathy from the Baloch society and to attract international attention towards the Baloch struggle thousands of Baloch like Haq Nawaz Baloch have sacrificed their lives.

He further said that the sacrifices of Baloch people are for the integrity of humanity, formation of a free state and to eradicate the racial discrimination.

Meanwhile, in a separate, statement the Baloch Salvation Front (BSF) has also paid glowing tributes to Shaheed Haq Nawaz Baloch. They said the sacrifices of the young Baloch freedom fighter will be let to go in vain. “Haq Nawaz Baloch at his youth has put his name in ‘Golden Book’ of Baloch martyrs and his vision will continue to guide Baloch nation toward their destination,” BSF said in a statement.

Haq Nawaz Baloch was killed during a fierce fight between Baloch freedom fighters and Pakistani military on 19 February 2013 in Nemgargh area of Kalat. Several Pakistani military perssenal and members of their proxy death squads were also Personnel killed in that battle against Baloch fighters.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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