Baloch Community South Korea Protest against human rights violations in Balochistan

Baloch demo-koreaThe Baloch residents in South Korea staged a protest demonstration in Posan, the second largest city of the country, on Monday. The protest was organised by Nasir Ahamd Baloch.

The protesters held banners and pictures of Baloch enforced-disappeared and extra-judicial killed activists and urged the international community to take notice of Pakistani atrocities against Baloch people. They also distributed leaflets about the current situation and status of Balochistan.

The local people of South Korea have reportedly shown their grave concern about the human rights violation in Balochistan by Pakistan, and expressed their full moral support for the victims of state barbarism.

The Baloch protesters have appealed to the UN and other international human rights organisations to take notice of Baloch genocide by Pakistan and Iran. “The UN and international democratic powers must bring Iran and Pakistan to the International Court of Justice for the crime against humanity in Balochistan,” Said the Baloch Community South Korea.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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