ICAD and IVBMP to launch two months awareness campaign about Balochistan

voice-of-baloch-missing-personsLONDON: The International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (IVBMP) and International Committee Against Disappearance (ICAD) have held a meeting in Kurdish Community Centre, North London on Sunday (2nd February).

Faiz Baluch and Hakeem Wadhela Baloch participated in the meeting on behalf of International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons. The ICAD and IVBMP have decided to launch two months awareness campaign against enforced-disappearances and other human rights violations in Balochistan. The main areas of campaign will be different cities of United Kingdom and Europe.

International Voice for Baloch Missing persons will organise a gathering in London with regards to Balochistan occupation day on 27 March whereas the ICAD will hold a protest rally from Pakistan Embassy to 10 Downing street London on 30 March to express solidarity with families of state victims in Balochistan and against the forced annexation of Balochistan to Pakistan and Iran.

The campaign will include leafleting (in different languages) and holding seminars to create more awareness among general public about Pakistani and Iranian states’ atrocities against Baloch people. ICAD have also decided to contact the Kurdish and Tamil communities to wage a combined struggle against enforced-disappearances in Balochistan, Kurdishtan and Tamil Elam.

Faiz Baluch has informed the ICAD’s Britain section that Pakistan has abducted more than 14000 Baloch in past ten years and over 600 people among them have been killed under custody since June 2010. Their tortured and mutilated bodies were found in different areas of Balochistan and Pakistan.

He said in first month of 2013 around 40 Baloch have been abducted and 13 killed under custody.

He said, on the other hand, five innocent Baloch were hanged last week in Iranian occupied Balochistan. “There are hundreds of other Baloch in the custody of Iran waiting to be executed,” Faiz Baluch told the ICAD.

He said the silence of international human rights organisations and world’s democratic powers on human rights violations in Balochistan was a matter of grave concern.

He appealed the international democratic powers to take notice of the ongoing state atrocities in Balochistan and bring Pakistani and Iranian authorities to the International Court of Justice for their war crimes against Baloch people.

ICAD Britain section’s co-ordinator Mr Gokhan expressing his grave concern over human rights violations in Balochistan, said “ICAD stands in solidarity with the families of Baloch abducted persons in their struggle against enforced-disappearances and other human rights violations.”

Mr Gokhan has also praise the struggle of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons in Balochistan, adding that “We will try to be their voice on the international arena.”

He said it was the moral responsibility of the democratic powers around the world to take notice of ongoing military operations, human rights violations and enforced-disappearances in Balochistan. “The world powers should recognise the independent status of Balochistan and help the Baloch to rid themselves from Iran and Pakistan.”

Faiz Baluch thanked the ICAD for its decision to launch two months awareness campaign about Balochistan and assured them of full cooperation and support.

[Courtesy Baloch Warna]

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