Pakistan is violating UN charter: Banok Makekan Baloch

Mahekan BalochOccupied Balochistan: A huge rally was held by Baloch National Front (BNF) against Pakistani state atrocities and media blackout in Balochistan on 2 February 2013 in Turbat. Talking to the media Baloch Student Organization – Azad (BSO-A) activist Banok Makekan Baloch explained the cause and aim of the rally.

She said; As Baloch National Front (BNF) conducted this rally we want to make aware the civilized world, international community, Human Rights activists and especially international media.  Our main goal for this rally is, we urge United Nation (UN) to interfere in Balochistan for human rights and especially for international law violations. Pakistan is not only violating UN charter and international declaration of human rights, but Baloch are facing Pakistani atrocity since 1947.

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