Pakistani forces once again accelerated their kill and dump operations in Balochistan

stop-the-killingOccupied Balochistan: Pakistani forces once again accelerated their kill and dump operations across Balochistan. In last 24 hours, 9 bullet riddled bodies of enforced disappeared Baloch found from different parts of Balochistan and Karachi.

According to reports four bullet riddled dead bodies found from Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti in Balochistan. The victims were identified as Sabz Ali Bugti, Mazar Khan Bugti, Noordin Bugti, Naik Mohammad Bugti, and they all belong to same family.

They were abducted along with 13 others including three women from Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti 15 days ago during a military offensive. Previously bullet riddled bodies of Bahiyan Bugti s/o Arz Mohammad Bugti and Razzu s/o Gul Mohammad Bugti were found on 21st January, and they were also abducted along with them, while the fate of remaining abducted persons is still not known.

Separtely two bullet riddled bodies found from Khuzdar , while one from Awaran district of Balochistan on wednesday.

On same day three bullet riddled bodies were found from Eastern bypass area of Quetta. Bodies are said to be three days old, and they are yet to be identified.

Today (31st January) two bullet riddled bodies of abducted Baloch found from Surjani town area of Karachi. They are identified as Haroon Baloch and Razak Baloch. Both the victims were abducted by the Pakistani forces two months ago from Pishukan area of district Gwadar.

In order to hide continous military crimes in Balochistan, now Pakistani secret agencies are dumping the bullet riddled bodies of abducted Baloch activists in Karachi, and show them as ordinary victims of ongoing target killings in Karachi. Four days ago, the bullet riddled body of another activist Adnan Baloch was found from Malir area of Karachi, and he was abducted by Pakistani forces on 30th june 2012 from Mand town of Balochistan.

Courtesy: Baloch Johd

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