Eight persons including a woman and a child killed during Pakistan military offensives in Balochistan

pakistan-military-convayOccupied Balochistan: At least eight innocent Baloch including a child and a woman have been killed by Pakistan’s armed forces in different areas of Balochistan on Monday.

Sources reported that Pakistani forces raided and attacked a house in Besima area of Balochistan. Two occupants, Mr Qasum Baloch and his sister Rozina Baloch, were killed due indiscriminate firing and shelling on their house.

Meanwhile, in another incident two men have reportedly been killed in Panjgur in a gun battle against Pakistani Army. Unconfirmed sources reported that a number of Pakistan military personnel have also been killed in the clash. The bodies of the two men are said be still in the custody of military and their identity could not ascertained until the filing of this report.

Separately, two bullet-riddled bodies have been discovered, in Haidari canal, from the Pir Koh area of Dera Bugti on Monday. The bodies were taken to the PPL hospital in Sui for autopsy where the deceased were identified as Bahian S/O Arz Mohammad Bugti and Raza Mohammad (Razzu) S/O Gul Mohammad Bugti. According to hospital sources the victims were shot multiple times in the head and upper torso.

The central spokesperson of the Baloch Republican Party claimed that the victims were from the thirteen people abducted during a military offensive on Saturday from Pirkoh area.

The BRP’s press release further claimed that a man and his daughter were killed when a rocket hit their hut. The deceased have been named as Buzoo Bugti s/o Sher Khan Bugti and his little daughter while his wife and his daughter-in-law were severely wounded. The press release read: “Dozens of houses have been also destroyed when Pakistani security forced bombarded the area Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti.”

Pakistan federal government has imposed governor rule in Balochistan and given a free hand to the Frontier Corps (FC) to carry out targeted operation across Balochistan after over a hundred shia Hazars were killed by allegedly state back Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an Islamic extremist group, in Quetta.

However, the Baloch political parties argue that the governor rule was imposed to intensify the military operation against pro-independence Baloch people to pave the way for upcoming elections in Pakistan. They Baloch political parties allege that Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are supported and protected by Pakistani security forces that is why they can operate freely and with impunity. The main victims of the governor rule are and will be the innocent Baloch people, the Baloch nationalists say.

[Courtesy Baloch Warna]

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