Abducted Baloch and those killed by state have sacrificed their lives for freedom: Qadeer Baloch

qadir-baoch-protest-campKarachi: The token hunger strike protest of the families of abducted Baloch entered its 1052nd in total and 52nd day in Karachi on Monday.

A delegation of BNM Gwadar zone visited the camp and assured their full support to the families of victims. The delegation said that many nations in the world have sacrificed enormously in their struggle against occupiers and intruders; despite sacrifice their struggles suffered from setbacks but the oppressed nations believed in the strength of their people that’s why they continued their struggle and became victorious. Similarly the Baloch struggle also has had ups and down at different periods. It is important to learn from the successes and failures and continue the struggle in an organised way.

The vice chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Qadeer Baloch, while talking to the delegation, said that the Baloch national struggle was not dependent on any international powers and in fact was a historical and on-going struggle.

He said, “Today the Baloch struggle is facing many challenges including religious extremism, obsolete tribal mentality, and the role of pro-establishment political parties that are working as agent for the occupiers. It is an established fact that we can only be successful if we face these challenges. Without organised political parties, strong discipline, ideological consciousness and education, and strong accountability the achievement of freedom is impossible – and it is import that all parties struggling for freedom must follow these organisational principles for a better future for Baloch nation.

He further said to counter the Pakistani barbarism the Baloch first need to organise themselves and then gain the attention of the world. He said: “It not possible to achieve freedom without ingraining consciousness in the minds of our people because the world might raise their voice in support of Baloch national struggle and we might be successful to gain world’s help – but we could not the get the real freedom for which we have given countless sacrifices.” The Baloch nation is struggling for a free country where they will have justice and equality. Unity among pro-freedom parties is paramount but the unity must be based on discipline and principles, he said.

Qadeer Baloch said that Pakistani forces, in order to pave the way for elections, are using all mediums and resources against those Baloch political parties that are struggling for freedom.

[Courtesy Baloch Warna ]

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