Mastung operation continuation of Baloch genocide: BNV & BNM

Pakistan-ArmyOccupied Balochistan: The Baloch National Voice and Baloch National Movement in their separate statements have strongly condemned the killing of two Baloch in Mastung on Friday.

The BNM chairman Mr Khalil Baloch said the state was seeing its defeat and that is why in hesitation it is violating international human rights laws during operations against innocent Baloch civilians.

Mr Baloch said the abduction of Saddam Baloch and killing of Rashid Baloch and Shah Jahan Baloch in Mastung town of Balochistan are continuance of on-going Baloch genocide by state forces. “Sacrifices of Rashid Baloch and Shah Jahan Baloch are a guiding torch for the Baloch youth. These youth have stood against the so called atomic power, Pakistan, and preferred embracing martyrdom than accepting slavery,” Khalil Baloch said.

He further said the state was carrying out barbaric atrocities in all corners of Balochistan including Kohlu, Dera Bugti, Jahalawan, Sarawan, Rakhshan, Koh-e-suleman and Makuran to deter the Baloch freedom movement. He also condemned the military offensives in Kandi area of Mashky Balochistan. “Torturing innocent women and children and burning of houses in Mashky is a sign of occupying forces’ defeat. The state forces have surpassed the record of cruelty and brutality against innocent people of Balochistan,” he added.

Khalil Baloch said Pakistan has doubled the number of it security forces in occupied Balochistan in an effort to support and protect its parliamentarian stooges. He said the state wanted the Baloch nation to live under yoke of Pakistan and its proxies but the Baloch have decided not to tolerate the slavery any longer.

Meanwhile, The Baloch National Voice (BNV) has also strongly condemned the Mastung operation and termed it a cowardice act of occupying forces of Pakistan.

The BNV said Pakistan Army and FC’s vicious actions in Mastung, surrounding s of Mashky, harassment of Baloch women and children and setting the houses of Baloch civilian on fire illustrate the defeat of Pakistani forces on Baloch soil. “The state is petrified by the success and popularity of Baloch freedom movement that is why its forces are now revenge their defeat by targeting common Baloch public.”

The BNV paid tributes of Rashid and Shah Jahan Baloch and said that such atrocious acts of state cannot deter the Baloch people form their liberation struggle. Martyrs of Mastung have recorded their names in Baloch history and their sacrificed should not be let to go in vain.

BNM and BNV while stressing on the need of unity, urged the Baloch nation to unite and intensify struggle against occupation and state atrocities in Balochistan.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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