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Jan 15: Martyrs of Khuzdar

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What happened Jan 15, 2010 in Khuzdar?

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Throughout history Baloch nation have faced all sort of atrocity by the hands of Pakistani and Iranian occupying forces. Year 2010 saw a new surge in the aggressive killing of a nation who asks for its birthright to a nationhood which is guaranteed by UN charter and signature by the whole international community.

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From Quetta to Turbat – Sajid Hussain

Makran coastal highway

I was all packed and ready when PIA suddenly decided to cancel its flight from Quetta to Turbat, which I was supposed to take to attend a family wedding the very next day. I panicked and called my uncle in Turbat to inform him that I couldn’t make it. But he was persistent and insisted that I had to come. So I decided to take a bus for Turbat the same evening.

As the bus left the station, I realised that I was wearing black clothes and that my surname was Hussain – enough reason to get killed on my journey to simply see two cousins tie the knot. Details of massacres of bus passengers who had taken similar bus journeys were quite vivid in my mind.

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