Pakistani terrorism continues in Mashkay – BSO-Azad

Mashkay-operatonOccupied Balochistan: The central spokesman of BSO-Azad has said in a statement that the terrorist activities by Pakistani Army are still continued in Mashkay. 21 vehicles of Frontier Corps have yesterday raided Mashkay and abducted Ashraf Baloch, his son Shareef Baloch, and Khuda Baksh Baloch. Later on Khuda Baksh was released, while Ashraf Baloch along with his son are still in the captivity of FC.

The statement further revealed that, the Pakistani forces are destroying the forests in Mashkay and surrounding areas by setting them on fire. Pakistan through its terrorism campaign is trying to end the ideology of liberation by targeting the Baloch populace in Balochistan. The recently started operation in Mashkay is still continued and forces are still present in the area, and are continuously targeting the civilians and destroying their properties. In initial phase of operation, forces did the aerial bombardment on civilian population of Mashkay, targeting the women, children and elderly persons. Since then the forces are harassing and targeting the local populace on daily basis.

The spokesman has further said that, the Pakistani army along with her secret agencies are trying to reinstate their so-called writ in Balochistan. For achieving the very objective, forces are targeting the civil population, and killing the innocent Baloch. Pakistani institutions with the help of media, are trying to distract the world attention from the terrorism of their army in Balochistan, by forming committees and political stunts.

The Pakistani system have been completely paralysed in Balochistan because of the victories of freedom movement. For making possible the upcoming elections, Pakistan is intensifying the colonial rules by continuing the abductions and killings of the Baloch. The Committees are only intended to hide the crimes of Army and Spy agencies from the world, so that they could mislead the International community and human rights group, and grab more aid for continuing the Baloch genocide. Baloch nation is determined to continue the freedom movement until the achievement of destination. The sacrifices of Baloch martyrs and struggle of thousands of prisoners and activists have encouraged us to continue the struggle, and we wont be weaken through state terrorism.

Courtesy: Baloch Johd

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