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Pakistan’s new Army doctrine and the Baloch freedom struggle

By: Archen Baloch

Balochistan MapThe people of Balochistan greeted 2013 with a bloodbath inflicted upon them by Pakistan military offensives on the eve of Christmas day 25th December. In this gory operation more 51 person were reportedly killed with several losses of livestock and properties.

Different Baloch organisations having different identities, yet with a shared ideology and purpose – mostly called pro freedom forces – have engaged the occupying Pakistani state in a defensive resistance with sheer determination get rid of Pakistan’s occupation over Balochistan.

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COMMENT : “This great humanity has said: ‘Enough’!” — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Che had dedicated his life to revolution and justice, and his fight against tyranny and injustice transcended geographical boundaries

Mir Mohammad Ali TalpurI have an old Che Guevara poster commemorating October 8 as the ‘Day of the guerrilla’ with the slogan: “This great humanity has said: ‘Enough’!” Different people look at history and events in conflicting ways; Cuba celebrates October 8 as the day of the guerrilla. The colonisers in the rest of the Americas commemorate it as ‘Columbus Day’, while those who suffered deprivation of their land and rights observe it as the ‘Indigenous People’s Day’. Incidentally, there were some 565 known tribes in the Americas that were dispossessed and disenfranchised in the name of progress and development.

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