Innocent Baloch abducted on 3rd day of Maskhay operation are still missing: BNM

bnm-flagOccupied Balochistan: The central spokesperson of Baloch National Movement said on Friday  that the fate four Baloch civilians, abducted on the third day of Mashkay operation, remains unknown.

He further said the abducted men include Zahoor S/O Alahi Bux and Zakir S/O Abdul Hakeem are residents of Nokjo whereas Saaloo S/O Jumma Khan and Khaliq Dad S/O Saydo are residents of Tolago.

The BNM spokesperson said despite the state atrocities the Baloch are continuing their struggle for liberation. The brutal policy of state toward Baloch people is giving energy to the struggle as more and more people are becoming supporter of the freedom movement.

“The abduction of thousands of Baloch sons, torture and Baloch genocide has not only created dislike for slavery but today despite indiscriminate bombing, every Baloch mother wants his son to join the liberation struggle,” BNM spokesperson said in his statement.

He termed the growing support for the freedom struggle as the defeat of occupying forces and victory of Baloch freedom loving activists.

He said the silence of international community on abduction of Baloch activists and extra judicial killings, by Pakistan, were shocking. “Baloch missing camp [Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Camp) which has been on constant protest and they still await help from the United Nations and its other affiliated organisations. It is beyond understanding that organisations working in the name of humanity are silent on abductions of Baloch youth.”

Meanwhile a Baloch student, Bolan S/O Karim has been abducted by Pakistan security forces on Thursday from Pasni Coastal highway.

According to reports 20 year old Bolan is a resident of Pasni town in Balochistan. He along with his friends was coming back to Pasni when armed men stopped them and ask for their identification. After ascertaining Bolan Baloch’s identity they took him away and let his friends go.

Family sources confirming his abduction said that he was whisked away by state security agencies. The family appealed for his immediate release.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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