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Dec 5: Shaheed Qamber Chakar Baloch & Shaheed Ilyas Naser Baloch

Qamber Chakar Baloch, 24, who was a member of the Central Committee of the Baloch Students Organization Azad, he was abducted for a second time by “Pakistani fascist forces” on November 26, 2010 from his house in Shahi Tump, and Ilyas Nazar Baloch, 26, who was a member BSO Azad in Quetta was abducted by “Pakistani fascist forces” on December 22, 2010.

Both the young Baloch activists who dreamed about freedom of their homeland Balochistan were tortured and killed by Pakistani state, their mutilated bodies were found dumped in Pedark near Turbat.

Shaheed Qamber - Shaheed Ilyas  05012011

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Qambar Chakar: A Man and a Myth

Qamber Chakar was abducted by Pakistani state intelligence agencies on 26 November 2010 from his house in Shahi tump. He bullet ridden body was found with his colleague student Illyas Nassar on 5 January 2011 from Pedark near Turbat. This article is being re-posted in his memory. (Baluch Sarmachar) 

by: Baloch Students Action Committee, BUITEMS

Birth of a Leader

In Shahi Tump, a far-flung town of Balochistan in Kech (Turbat) district, the house of Chakar Baloch was overflowed with merriness and gleaming lights over the birth of the first son, Qambar. The boy was to become an inspriational leader for the Baloch people soon after entering his teen ages. One day, some ill-fated soldiers of darkness would walk, take this light away to the shadow of torture and death. His was a story of celebrations in unison. When he was born, the whole family, even the entire town cheered up with uncontrollable delight. When he was killed, the whole of Balochistan wept. His was a song of happiness and a melancholy.

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Turning Balochistan Into A Cemetery | Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Mir Mohammad Ali TalpurThis is not the first time that a military operation has been carried out by the Frontier Corps (FC), a paramilitary force, in southern Balochistan’s Mashky, Awaran District. The FC launched another operation just two months ago. Unlike the current offensive, this earlier, mid-October operation was denounced from the floor of the provincial assembly by the Balochistan Minister for Agriculture, Asad Baloch. He said that the operation had been carried out without the Government of Balochistan’s consent. Their silence this time around is telling, and has caused many to speculate that they did issue their consent when the FC launched the operation on December 25th.

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PAKISTAN: For the arrest of one guerilla leader, military units kill more than fifty innocent citizens, including women and children

AHRCDear friends,

Mashkay-operatonThe Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that military units have bombarded more than a dozen villages in three districts of Balochistan based on information about the presence of a guerilla fighter fighting for the independence of Balochistan. Independent sources claim that more than 50 persons, including women and children, were killed. In just one district, more than 32 villagers were killed and many persons were displaced as their houses were completely destroyed.

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