Killing of innocent women and children in Mashkay shows the extreme phase of state brutalities: Hyrbyair Marri

Hyrbyair Marri

“I request from Baloch nation and in particular the pro-liberation parties to understand the gravity of situation and for the safeguard of the future generation bring unity in your ranks.”

London: Baloch patriot leader  Marri said, on Thursday, the criminal silence of Pakistani media, so-called civil society and international community on the ongoing military operations in Balochistan is deplorable.

Mr. Marri said that the Baloch media has been extensively reporting about the state’s preparations for military offensives in several regions of Balochistan including Kohistan Marri, Dera Bugti and Awaran. Now as the upcoming elections are nearing the enemy state is intensifying its atrocities. But it is of grave concern that all these atrocities are happening right before the eyes of everyone but humanitarian organizations, so called free media and every other section of Pakistani society are criminally silent on this grave issue.

“Those who continuously try to convince us that Pakistani judiciary and media are impartial about Baloch genocide; they should ask themselves, why they do not hear any voice from them [Pakistani media and judiciary] in protest against the state barbarism in Balochistan. No one expressed their anger on the killings of dozens of innocent women and children and the relentless state atrocities in Mashkay from past three day,” Mr Marri said.

The Baloch leader said, “This once again confirms our belief that Baloch are alone in their fight for their defence and national salvation. There are no sympathisers for Baloch in Pakistan and as long as the Baloch yearn for freedom the state will try to kill them silently and in isolation.” He further said, “We have no complaints against anyone. However, we want to put everything on record so that no one claims in future about the existence of free judiciary and civil society which raises voice for human rights or sympathisers of Baloch in Pakistan.”

Mr. Marri said that so-called Baloch nationalists [pro-parliament] parties are equally responsible for the criminal acts of Pakistan, because despite the destruction of Baloch houses and state atrocities they are still longing for Pakistani parliament. “We suspect as the elections get closer the pro-parliament Baloch parties will recommend the state to take more severe actions because they want to curtail the Baloch desire for freedom and pave their way to reach to the parliament.”

Expressing his grave concern on the silence of International powers, human rights organisations and the United Nations Mr Marri said, “If the world community is sincere about peace in region then they should abandon their double standards. They raise their voice against states’ atrocities in every corner of the world but they (world community) have given Pakistan full immunity to carry out genocide of Baloch nation.” He said the aid that Pakistan receives for welfare works, from international community, is being used against the secular and progressive Baloch people but despite that Pakistan is not being held accountable in accordance with international laws.

Hyrbyair Marri said, “We want to make it clear to the world the Baloch will not step an inch back from their rightful demand of Independence and formation of a secular and democratic Balochistan. A free Balochistan is not only essential for preservation of Baloch nation but it will also guarantee regional peace.”

“We appeal the international community to take strong notice of Pakistani state atrocities and immediately intervene to support Baloch freedom loving forces in the same fashion as they did in Libya, Syria and several other parts of world,” Mr Marri said.

The Baloch leader said, “I request from Baloch nation and in particular the pro-liberation parties to understand the gravity of situation and for the safeguard of the future generation bring unity in your ranks.” He said the occupying state under a pre-planned conspiracy is trying to create misunderstanding among freedom movement in an effort to sabotage the liberation struggle. He added, “The enemy can be defeated, forced to withdraw and countered under a clear strategy and unity.”

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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