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Dec 31: Shaheed Waris Baloch

Poster Shaheed Waris Baloch

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Mashkay operation: an analysis

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The smouldering heaps of rubble welcomed the locals when they returned to their homes after bombing stopped and the Pakistan military personnel withdrew following a two-day military operation in Balochistan’s Mashkay area, the hometown of Baloch nationalist leader Dr. Allah Nazar. They had been punished for belonging to the nationalist leader’s area or for having any relation with him.

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BHRC (UK) strongly condemns Mashkey Operation and calls for immediate UN intervention in Balochistan

bhrc uk

BHRC (UK) calls for immediate UN intervention in Balochistan

In order to stop the genocide of the Baloch people, Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) demands urgent measures including physical intervention by the international community.

BHRC (UK) strongly condemns the massacre of innocent women, children and elderly population of Mashkey area of central Balochistan by the Pakistani military. The brutal and inhumanly actions on the part of Pakistani army commandos started on 24 December with indiscriminate aerial bombardment on civilian settlements in addition of the butchering of 36 civilians by the notorious death squads accompanying the army commandos.

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