International Human Rights Organisations should take notice of Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan: Khalil Baloch

khalil-baloch1Occupied Balochistan: The chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM), Khalil Baloch, has announced a nationwide protest movement, on Tuesday, against Pakistani barbarism and ongiong military offensives in Balochistan.

He alleged, “Pakistani occupying military have been conducting a brutal army operation in Mashkay of Awaran district using heavy weaponry against unarmed population.”

He said the use of indiscriminate air power against unarmed innocent Baloch people showed that the colonial state was utterly frustrated over the increasing Baloch popular movement for freedom.

Addressing the press Mr Baloch said, “during operation in Mashkay and Awaran regions of Balochistan the occupying forces attacked the house of Baloch leader Dr Alla Nazar and his relatives. Pakistan’s security forces abducted Shah Baig Baloch, brother-in-law of Dr Allah Nazar and Naeem Baloch.”

He urged Baloch nation to bring unity in their ranks and be mentally ready to face the enemy’s repression and atrocities against their children and other vulnerable sections of Baloch society.

He strongly criticised world powers including America and Iran for supporting Pakistani state, adding that “their aid to Pakistan is being used against Baloch nation.”

He further said previously the aid that Pakistan received in the name of war on terrorism has been used against Baloch national resistance in an effort to eradicate the Baloch National identity and loot Balochistan’s natural resources without facing any resistance.

He alleged that, “Pakistan has perpetrated worst type of human rights abuses during Awaran Mashkay siege in which children and women were killed and injured.”

He urged the international human rights organization to take immediate notice of human rights violations in Balochistan.

By: Archen Baloch

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