Military bombings against unarmed Baloch civilians in Mashkay Balochistan

Pakistan army has initiated a massive military operation in Mehi village of Mashkay town occupied Balochistan early Tuesday morning.

According to reports gunships helicopters are being used to bomb the Mehi Village. Baloch tweeples have reported, “The whole town of Mehi has been besieged and all communication lines have been cut off.”

There are reports of causalities due to indiscriminate bombardment in which several women and children have been injured. Several houses have been destroyed and set on fire.

The Pakistani security forces have reportedly looted valuables from houses including jewellery and cash.

The women and children of the locality have taken refuge in the town’s graveyard to save themselves from the brutal and indiscriminate bombardment.

Baloch National Movement (BNM) has given a nationwide wheel jam strike call for tomorrow against the military rampage of Pakistani forces in Balochistan.


Meanwhile, the Baloch Human Rights Organisations took out a protest rally in Karachi against the ongoing military brutalities in Mashkay and surrounding areas.

[via Baloch Warna]

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