Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch and Akbar Marri are missing from past four years: BDF

Dr Deen Mohd Baloch-Dr Akbar MarriOccupied Balochistan: The Baloch Doctors Forum on Friday said it was a positive step that doctors from interior Balochistan including Hub, Mastung and Dera Bugti joined Baloch Doctors’ Forum.

The BDF assured that it will meet the expectations of those friends who trusted their organisation and joined them.

The central spokesperson of BDF in his press release urged the government to arrest the abductors of Dr Abdul Aziz Baloch and the killer of Dr Lakhi Chand Baloch. Moreover he said, “The government has failed to arrest the killers of professor surgeon Dr Mazar Khan Baloch, Dr Naseem Baloch, Dr Baqir Shah, Dr Dawood, Aziz Baloch and Dr Hameed Bangulzai. Whereas Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch and Dr Akbar Marri are missing from past four years and the perpetrators involved in their abduction have not been arrested.”

He said BDF believes the government has failed to provide security the doctors. “If the government failed to provide security to doctors then Baloch doctors reserve the right to start protest across Balochistan,” he warned.

The BDF spokesperson said that Chairman Baloch Lawyers Action Committee has contacted him and assured him of full assistance. “Baloch doctors also fully support the demands of Baloch lawyers and cooperate with them in this regards,” he added.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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