Voice for Baloch Missing Persons’ struggle for release of abducted Baloch is historic: BSO-Azad

VBMP-1000 day-protest-13

Occupied Balochistan: The central spokesperson of Baloch Student Organisation (Azad) said on Wednesday that Abdul Qadeer has written a history with his continuous and enduring struggle for the release of Baloch missing persons.

The statement further said that Zakir Majeed, Dr Din Mohammad and thousands of other abducted Baloch are languishing in Pakistani torture cells for their struggle for independence. But the zealous struggle of Mama Qadeer, Banok Farzana and thousands of other Baloch women and children has given impetus to the struggle of detained Baloch activists. The persistent struggle of these enthusiastic Baloch has brought a new life in the Baloch freedom struggle.

“Men and women around the world have struggle against oppression and brutalities and they have become part of an eternal history. Similarly the great sacrifices and continuous struggle of Mama Qadeer and his comrades will be remembered in the history of Baloch and the world. Mama Qadeer’s struggle is the guiding torch for the activists all around the world. His struggle shows to the people of the world that how an old and weak man took a stand against the brutalities of occupiers and denounced to bow before the intruders,” said the spokesman of BSO-Azad.

He further said that today because of the efforts of Mama Qadeer and his comrades the issue of Baloch missing persons has been raised in different parts of the world. Now because of these efforts United Nations and the world is breaking their silence on this grave issue.

The spokesman added that Mama Qadeer continued to protest for the missing Balochs despite his son was killed and dump. His struggle has also motivated the families of other Baloch missing persons and today they are standing beside Mama Qadeer. In these hard times when Balochs are continuously being killed and abducted and the Pakistani judiciary, armed forces and covert agencies are leaving no stone unturned to suppress the Baloch people, the struggle of Mama Qadeer is going on without any breaks. The missing person’s camp has been burned time and again, the pictures of Baloch martyrs have been dishonoured and continuous threats have also been given to Mama Qadeer and his comrades but these all couldn’t break the ambitious Mama Qadeer. He was neither deterred by the threats nor he stumbled because of his old age but continues to raise the voice of oppressed from Quetta to Karachi.

“It is very hard to remain consistent and driven in the times of hardships but Mama Qadeer and his comrades proved to be the bright stars of Baloch national struggle. Today through their efforts they tell the Baloch languishing in torture cells that they are not alone and there are people like Mama Qadeer and Farzana who have bestowed their lives for their emancipation,” said the BSO-Azad.

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