Pakistani military keeps killing Baloch political activist with impunity

stop-killing-political-workersOccupied Balochistan: Mutilated dead body of Nabi Dost Bugti S/o Dur Muhammad Bugti has been found in the Phelawagh area of Dera Bugti district on 17 December 2012.

According to details Nabi Dost Bugti was abducted by the military forces from the same area in October this year. His dead body was found by the villagers today dumped at a mountainous walk way. According to family sources he was never produced to any court of law during his entire captivity. Despite many written applications to concerned authorities, military denied to give the victim any chance of fair trial.

He was kept in some secret torture cells of Pakistani military. Apparently he faced brutal torture which was evident by the marks of severe torture on his bullet riddled body.

Mr. Abdul Nabi Dost Bugti was the Zonal Organizer of Baloch Republican Party of the Phelawagh Zone.

Extra-judicial killing is a declared crime by the United Nations, but no one ever wondered to stop Pakistani State of this heinous crime against humanity.

Courtesy: BNCHR

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