Appalling law and order: Balochistan government decides to organize “Peace committees”

peaceOccupied Balochistan: Government of Balochistan have decided to organize Peace Committees on divisional level to control the appalling law and order situation in the province.

According to online, Provincial Secretary for Home and Tribal Affairs, Captain (r) Akbar Hussain Durran giving details about the Peace Committees told them, that a meeting presided by Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani discussing the law and order situation of the province and have decided to organize Peace Committees on divisional base throughout Balochistan.

Elaborating further on the constitute of the committees he said, Peace Committees will consist of Divisional Commissioner, Regional Police Officer, personals of intelligences agencies and those tribal elders who are interested in the peace of the province.

Government of Balochistan desires peace; it is doing what is possible, but it requires cooperation from the public to achieve it, he said.

Senior minister Maulana Abdul Wasey criticizing government’s decision said, such committees cannot play a positive roll in bring peace, but it will worsen the situation.

Baloch parliamentarian belonging to different political parties also criticize Balochistan government’s decision to organize Peace Committees, they termed it as a “joke”.  Talking to media they said, on the last leg of its tenure now the government have sensed the awful law and order condition of the province. The drama of Peace committees is just an unsuccessful attempt to uplift it efforts in the eyes of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Political analysts are terming government’s policy to organize Peace committees at divisional level as, decentralising its strategy to suppress the uprising of Baloch nationalist.

Do a Peace committee consist of people responsible for enforced disappearance, torture, killing and duping and target killing of Baloch activists have any value? asked a Baloch student activist from Khuzdar. They should be prosecuted for crime against humanity he said. We know what their definition of peace is, we have been facing their version of peace in Khuzdar for the last three months, which brought the city to a standstill..

It is worth mentioning here that news surfaced in social media by Baloch actives that IG Frontiers Crops (FC) Major-General Obaidullah Khan accompanied by Siraj Risani and Shafiq-ur-Rehman Mengal, had toured Makuran recently with a similar agenda. They told the villagers that before the election they should ‘Paralyze these enemies of state by creating fear in their heart”

Siraj Risani is the younger brother of Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Risani and the head of Tehreek-e-Nefaz-e-Aman Balochistan, an organization that has accepted killing of Baloch activists.

Shafiq-ur-Rehman Mengal is the son of Nasir Mengal, the former Pakistani minister for petroleum and leader of Baloch Muslha Defai Tanzeem, it also have calmed responsibility for high profile target killing of Baloch activists.

By Juma Baloch 

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