Pakistan’s offer of incentives to Baloch freedom fighters is a clear defeat of state: BNV

Occupied Balochistan: The Baloch National Voice said the state was using its stooges, in provincial assembly, to convince Baloch freedom fighters to withdraw from the national liberation struggle for monetary gains.

The pro-freedom Baloch political group also termed the Pakistan government’s offer of incentives to Baloch sarmachars (freedom fighters) as the moral failure of the state.

The BNV further said Baloch national forces, the sarmachars, and thousands of Baloch men, women and children sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Balochistan and thousands were still languishing in secret prisons of Pakistan for nothing less than an independent Balochistan.

“In the history of mankind, no nation has ever abandoned its quest for freedom in return for jobs and other incentives”, Baloch National Voice.

The BNV said the state was becoming bankrupt because of successful activities of Baloch freedom fighters and hence it was trying to use the medium of carrot and stick.

According to BNV’s statement, “Several multinational companies have withdrawn from Balochistan because they know Pakistan no longer has the power to decide about Balochistan’s natural resources. These companies have realised that they cannot work on Baloch soil without the consent of Baloch people. Several factories in Punjab, which were running with Balochistan’s natural resources, are also closing down because of the successful and well organised operations of Baloch sarmachars.”

The BNV said the enemy state, Pakistan, should accept her defeat and stop its negative propaganda against Baloch freedom fighters. “Due to Baloch sarmachars practical struggle, sincere effort of candid Baloch political leadership, and great sacrifices of Baloch nation Balochistan has gained international recognition. No matter how hard the state and its stooges try to defame the Baloch liberation struggle, the Baloch are adamant to continue their struggle for national sovereignty and freedom of their motherland.”

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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