Enforced-disappearances continue in Balochistan, twelve Baloch abducted in two days

Voice for Baloch Missing PersonsOccupied Balochistan: Pakistani security forces abducted at least twelve Baloch activists from Mastung and Dera Bugti areas of Balochistan in past two days.

In first incident the Pakistani security forces abducted five Baloch youth from Reki Bhosa area near Kadh Kucha in Mastung town of Balochistan.

According to eye-witnesses report the security forces came in two trucks and surrounded houses. Later they abducted five youth during search operation. The forces also created havoc and harassed residents of the region.

Separately, Baloch activists on twitter reported that Pakistani forces conducted a house-to-house search operation in Sui tehsil of Dera Bugti and abducted seven innocent Baloch men on Saturday. The Pakistan FC (Frontier Corps), infamous for its anti Baloch policies and involved in forcefully disappearing Baloch activists and extra-judicially killing them in secret torture cells as a strategy generally known as “Kill and Dump” policy of the state, carried out the operation.

The abducted men have been named as Sobdar Bugti s/o Chillaw Bugti, Rakya Bugti s/o Turk Ali Bugti, Mir Hazar Bugti s/o Towk Ali Bugti, Bawal Khan Bugti s/o Toru Khan Bugti, Khawand Baksh Bugti, Ghazi Bugti s/o Fateh Mohammad Bugti and Pir Mohammad Bugti s/o Raja Bugti. Eye-witnesses said the men were handcuffed and blindfolded before loading on military vehicles and taken toward an undisclosed location.

According to Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, a Balochistan based NGO striving for release of abducted Baloch activists, more than 14000 Baloch are currently being illegally held by Pakistani security forces. Among them around five hundred have been killed under-custody and their bodies were found from desolated areas in Balochistan.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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