Nawab Nazar’s mother has appealed for recovery of his son

File Photo: Nawab Jan Nazar Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: The mother of martyr Ilyas Nazar has demanded in a press release, that the claimants of Islam and humanism should raise their voice for the safe recovery of her son Nawab Nazar. “He is the only breadwinner of house”, she said.

Nawab Nazar’s mother has also urged the Chief Justice, to take immediate action for safe recovery of Nawab Nazar, and provide them justice.

She further said that, Nawab Nazar was never involved in politics or any other activities. “I even don’t know why they have abducted my son and punishing him”, she asked. She appealed to the abductors of her son to inform her if her son has caused any harm to them.

’Previously my younger son Ilyas Nazar was abducted and killed in custody, to this day I don’t know why my son was abducted and killed so brutally?”

She also urged the International Human Rights Groups including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch (HRW) and other International human rights organisations to play their role for safe recovery of her son Nawab Nazar.

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