Baloch family appeal for release of their loved ones

File photo: Mohammad Ramzan Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: Family of Mohammad Ramzan Baloch urged the international community to pressurise Pakistan for the safe and immediate release of their loved ones.

Ramzan Baloch’s relatives said he is missing since 25 July 2010 but the security forces of Pakistan and judiciary have failed to discover him. “We have been to courts and registered his case with the Supreme Court but all to no avail.”

Mr Baloch’s family said when the UN WGEID visited Balochistan; the families of enforced-dispread Baloch were overjoyed that the UN will get their loved ones released. “Unfortunately, so far the UN WGEID has also failed to take any concrete steps for the release of enforced-disappeared Baloch activists”, said a relative of Ramzan Baloch.

They urged the UN to take action against state atrocities in Balochistan and urge Pakistan to release their loved ones who are currently in the custody of Pakistan army.

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